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Hotels near Mugello circuit in Italy

Hotel Ebe is the perfect stop for every traveler discovering Mugello and its magnificent surroundings. Hotel Ebe will be happy to host you during your pit stops offering you a stay of tranquility and relaxation!

Discover and explore the cultural sites, unique attractions and breathtaking landscapes nestled in the heart of Mugello. Here are some of the must-see stops for your trip!

Follow 4 centuries of history and art: the Way of the Gods

If you are crossing the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and travelling along the historic Via degli Dei route, Hotel Ebe will be the ideal pit-stop for a moment of relaxation and refreshment before proceeding to the enchanting atmospheres that inspired great artists such as Giotto and Beato Angelico.

The Via degli Dei is a journey through a wonderful territory that has so much to offer stop after stop. A 124 km long journey created by a group of passionate hikers that connects Piazza Maggiore in Bologna to Piazza della Signoria in Florence.

The name comes from the place names on the route related to the gods of ancient Greece as Venus, Juno, Adonis and many others. The “Via degli Dei” is a hiking trail of natural paths, white roads and small asphalted stretches that can be crossed both by mountain bike and on foot. It goes through beautiful landscapes and naturalistic sites. It is advisable to face it in about one week of travel. The Via Degli Dei is a vacation where you can enjoy the tranquility of landscapes and historical, artistic, natural and gastronomic beauties.

Do not miss many stops where to taste  local delicacies or rest immersed in the heart of Mugello. Hotel Ebe will ensure you have a peaceful stay so you can leave in force for your next stop.

Enjoy fun and pure adrenaline: the Mugello Circuit

Hotels near Mugello circuit

The Mugello International Circuit, known as Mugello Circuit, is a key point for this wonderful area as it is the scene of events related to the world of motors. It is a well-known Italian automobile and motorcycle circuit that is located in the municipality of Scarperia and San Piero, in the province of Florence.

The Mugello Circuit, designed in the ’70s and still unchanged today, is quite challenging for drivers but ensures fun and adrenaline with maximum safety.  The track is about 5 km long, it winds through 15 curves and consists of a long straight uphill where, in Moto GP races, the pilots reach almost 340 km/h.

If you are a fan of engines and you are in the neighborhood, the Mugello Circuit is absolutely worth visiting to enjoy pure adrenaline! Stop at Hotel Ebe: located just 4 km from the Mugello Circuit!

Hotel vicino autodromo del Mugello
Hotel vicino autodromo del Mugello

Walk through the paths of memory: the Cemetery of the German soldiers

Another must-see and wonderful stop from an architectural and historical point of view is the so-called Cemetery of the Germans.
The peculiar Germanic Military Cemetery of 1969 is located near the Futa Pass, the ancient trade route between Bologna and Florence that separates the Mugello valley from the Santerno river valley.  Located at an altitude of 950m, precisely in the middle of the German defense line is the so-called Gothic Line that ran along the Tuscan-Romagna Apennine ridge.

The Apennines, in fact, during the Second World War, were the scene of clashes, aerial bombardments, fierce fighting and terrible massacres.  In the 1950s, the war victors granted Germany the permission to build cemeteries for their soldiers in the countries where the war was fought. Thus was born the largest German cemetery in Italy where even today rest more than 31,000 soldiers.
With a spiral architectural plan that seems to culminate at the pyramidal structure that stands like a splinter, the cemetery stands as a very significant example of landscape architecture. Indeed, it is immersed in the surrounding vegetation, with characteristics of high-altitude landscapes with forests of conifers, firs, beeches, maples.

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